Variator Roller and Slider Install

We are installing sliders and rollers in order to tune our ruckus to the specific riders weight, and preferences.  Lighter roller weights will increase RPM for any given road speed.
Heavier weights will lower RPM for any given road speed. We get more into tuning your scooter how to page click here to see that.

– 8mm Socket and ratchet
– 17mm Scoket and ratchet.
– Slide weights, or roller weights. (Pick some up at The Ruck Shop)

Step 1: The first thing you have to do is remove the variator, belt, and clutch cover. You do that by using your 8mm socket and remove the 7 bolts holding the cover on.
Variator 1Variator 2Variator 3

Step 2: Then use your 17mm socket to remove the variator cover nut. Squeeze the belt to relieve some tension in order to remove the bolt.

Variator 4

The nut, two washers, and the variator cover will then come off. We have numbered the washers, this is the order they will go back on later.

Variator 5

Step 3: You can now remove the variator along with the spacer that rides in the middle of it.

Variator 6Variator 7Variator 8

Step 4: You can now remove your old weights and install your new sliders or weights. Weights are pretty much fool proof and hard to mess up the install unless you are mixing weight sizes. If you are mixing weights, you need to put the weights in a pattern. Only use two different sizes at a time and alternate them, don’t put the same weight next to itself. Failure to do this could cause damage to your motor. Sliders, on the other hand install in a specific way (see step 5)
Variator 9

Step 5 (For Sliders): When installing sliders they need to go into the variator a certain way. The sliders will have a long side to them. That long side needs to face up and the point on the slider should point inward. Image below displays a Dr. Pulley slider. In the instance of a Dr. Pulley slider the wording on the slider should be straight up as shown.
Variator 10Variator 11

Step 6: Put the cover back on your rollers or sliders
Variator 12Variator 13

Step 7: Install variator back on your shaft. Do not forget your spacer that runs in the middle of the variator.
Variator 14Variator 15Variator 16

Step 8: Install variator cover and washers with nut in the order shown.

Variator 17Variator 18

Now all you have to do is install your cover back on with your 8mm bolts. Now you can tune you variator to your weight and riding preference. Click here to see our tuning guide.





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